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Dream: dreamt by a mid-life professional woman wondering what she should do next: I said to myself / I heard someone say: I'm a teacher"

Explanation: this is a real possibility for her, that she should consider taking seriously. She told me later that this had actually been an idea that she'd thought about before, but never taken very seriously. So the dream advice is to do it - go ahead with taking courses to do just that.



Dreamt by a 50 year old professional woman who's out of work: I'm working at Wendy's with my son and daughter. We're open for business but we've all overslept. We've been napping, but we all overslept. Business is very slow. There's no customers. I asked my daughter:"Are we open? because all the lights were off. Then she woke up.

Explanation: she's missing opportunities for a new business through inattention, and not making serious preparations. Her children could both be helping her in this, but they too are "asleep" on the job.



Dream : I am walking down the street with a person I worked with for more than 10 years, but had recently passed away I look over at him and say “I thought you were dead” and he says “I was just joking with everyone”. On the other side of the street are people I have known, who have since died, including close and distant relatives and they wave at me as I pass but don't say anything. It looks like our normal town except we and they are the only people on the street.

Explanation: This could be a death dream for this person. Though many of his friends and relatives have already passed on, here he sees them all as well and walking around. The friend he’s talking to here makes light of the situation, possibly to allay the fear and guilt on the part of the dreamer for any real or imagined omissions in their relationship. Death dreams could project a real possibility, or they could just be a warning to do more to stay on this side: taking better care to exercise and eat right, etc. But most of all it’s to assuage any fears about the other side and what to expect there. Death only appears to be real – but actually everybody just keeps living on, but in another form.



Dream of an elderly very devout Christian lady who is on the verge of growing some more spiritually..

She dreamt she was shopping in a store with a lot of other people. The store was stocked with lots and lots of very nice red and blue and white striped towels, quite a good quality. She intended to buy something but she got distracted and ended up going to another section for another item. When she returned all the towels were gone, and the front exit was no longer available. So exiting through the back door she had to walk over a bridge. When on the bridge she saw a huge landslide at a distance, and knew it had been raining in the mountains and that's what caused the landslide. She's awestruck.

i.e. she's shopping for new spiritual ideas, good quality ones, that will help her wash away and clean up old beliefs that no longer serve. But she hesitates and gets distracted and loses the momentum of the moment, and then that opportunity is no longer available any more. At least for now. Life tends to make its offerings at specific times and you're expected to have your eyes and ears open to new possibilities. You snooze you lose!
Then the adventure gets interesting. The back door where she exits is the less obvious way to go, not as common a way, closer to the unconscious even: as it exits onto the back yard, the more private part of ourselves. In this more private, or deeper unconscious area of herself she begins to cross a bridge - always a transition between the old and the new. On the bridge she sees that the rain in the mountains has caused a huge mud slide in her vicinity. This she watches very impressed, meaning that the fall of the rain of truth will be causing huge displacement in her life, washing away huge chunks of what seemed solid before, and bringing down many an old concept and belief. Watch out - the times they are a-changin'!



Some years ago I was about to take a long drive from Toronto to Boston, with my little girl in tow. I typically wasn't prepared in time and ended up packing and organizing well into the night and got only 3 hours of sleep for our 15 hr drive. In those 3 hours I dreamt:

I was driving a wreck of a car whose doors were off and was all dented in. And picking up pieces of a human body, an elbow here, an arm there.

Explanation: On the 3 hrs. of sleep driving that distance, the chances were very good that I would get into an accident and would end up driving "a wreck". I only realized the meaning of the dream when I was barely 2 hours out of Toronto and already falling asleep at the wheel. The car I was actually driving, was old, true, but it looked decent enough. It certainly wasn't a wreck, yet. Not only would the car be a wreck but I would have to be "picking up the pieces" either literally or figuratively. When I understood the imminent danger, I still continued, but I was well aware of the danger. I stopped a lot, rested in between, drank a lot of coffee, and actually did get to Boston eventually in one piece.



I knew was planning to do a long bike ride across Canada. Before she left she dreamt:

When I arrived in St.John's I was walking my bike through downtown and a young woman came up to me and insisted that I change bikes with her. She handed me a bike that was all bent and damaged, whereas my bike was a very expensive bike and in good condition. She insisted on the exchange, so I took her bike and she took mine.

Explanation: there was probably the chance of some kind of accident, or some incident where she would lose her bike and have to make do with a much lower quality vehicle. So I advised her to be extra careful and alert when coming into St.John's, in case something happened.



Some years ago I had a strange dream out of the blue. At that point I hadn’t actually seen my brother Arni for a long time – several months at least, if not years. And I wasn’t even particularly concerned about his welfare. I dreamt simply:

Or you pray for Arni or he dies.

A little shocking, the dream set me to thinking about what I could do, and it became obvious that I needed to pray for him or the consequences could be fatal. So I did and now 10 years later, he’s alive and well. I never actually found out if he was under some particular danger at that time (he was a heavy smoker was all I knew) all I know is that I did pray for him and it seemed to work.



I dreamt that my father (who died 10 years ago) appeared in a dream and told me he was so pleased that I had been making efforts to do some specific task and that now I was going to get rewarded.

Explanation: this man works mostly from inertia. If he doesn't have to he doesn't change anything at all about his environment. He's a heavy smoker and lives with his aged mother in the basement of the house. To get up earlier than he likes is a real hardship for him,for example, but he can do it if he puts his mind to it.

The dream is encouraging him to try of his own initiative to start to change some one thing in his life. Most other changes have been forced on him - like getting up early when workmen are coming into his area to do some repairs.

He could for example try some small effort towards stopping smoking. (His sister, who now lives in the same house has breathing problems). Or he could push himself to take out the garbage on a regular basis, not just when he gets yelled at.

So the dream advice is to try to start something new to help himself or others even something very small. His father recommends it and would be rewarding him for it.

Note: The dream could refer to past efforts, something he's to be congratulated for and rewarded for; or it could refer to the future, an encouragement to do something, change something.
The great psychologist Carl Jung noted in one of his books that the same dream dreamt by 2 different people could mean 2 completely different things. The dream of a young man running through the forest and tripping over a log meant he needed to slow up and avoid getting hurt, as he was running a schedule that was way out of control.

The same image dreamt an an old man who barely got around was an encouragement to run faster through life and risk a little more.




“I'm crawling through a large tube & I come out stupid at the other end”

Explanation: ( short version): Stop watching TV so much you boob! It won't make you any smarter.

Explanation: (Long version):

This boy has been watching “the boob tube” too much, and is reduced to the level of his lower instincts ( on all fours and low to the ground). When he comes out at the other end, i.e. when he's finished watching TV, he is stupider than when he started.

With the onset of automation and assembly line repetitive work, it was actually known that this work would, over a longer period, make you stupid. Similarly when you're glued to a TV screen, or any screen really, there are certain things that aren't happening in the brain that harm you in the long run.

Does your child to have a TV in his/her room ? The authors of the recently acclaimed book about the psychology of boys called: Raising Cain, Kindlon and Thompson, recommend not allowing your child to have TV in their own bedroom, and speak against excessive screen time. There are no experts on children who recommend it. The harm done by violent video games is another whole issue that is important to note here as well. These were originally developed by the U.S. Army to desensitize their soldiers and acculturate them to killing other human beings (against which there seems to be a natural hesitation- surprise, surprise!). They succeeded – and now these games are being taught to our children.

There is also a behavior component to the watching of excessive TV in general and violent video games in particular. Studies have actually correlated high screen time use with lower academic achievement which comes as no surprise to teachers. A recent survey of elementary teachers in an inner city school showed that teachers could actually recognize those children who took music lessons from those who played lots of video games/ had unlimited TV time – the latter evidently for their poor behavior and delayed social skills development.