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DREAMS ARE first of all messages for you from a part of yourself that is not available to you in your normal conscious waking state. As such they have invaluable information for your life, and deserve the attention and time it takes to unravel them.

Anyone can have a good idea about a dream. Just like anyone can take a brilliantly composed photograph by accident. Even Carl Jung , one of the greatest psychologists of the 20th c., went to his gardener for ideas on his dreams, because, as he said, he himself didn't have a "Jung" to go to. So brainstorming of ideas around a dream image is always good. One of the first recommendations after RECORDing your dream is to BRAINSTORM around the images in the dream, that's were comes in.

To do this by yourself is good - to do it in a group is even better - harder, but better. research attests to the fact that no matter how brilliant you maybe by yourself, consulting with others inevitably will give a better result. Working with your dreams is the work of a lifetime- the great "opus" as Jung put it.

It's the work of being human - of growing up - of LEARNING ABOUT YOURSELF - of learning to be wise. So committing yourself to listening to your dreams is really your commitment to yourself to grow up, to "do it better" tomorrow. The work of "cleaning up your act" Evidently this work is not for everyone, but if you think this might interest you - stay tuned - and hang on! This'll be some ride"!

ABOUT US. is not a group of psychologists, nor doctors, nor persons of high position and authority. Dreamdeli has close to 40 years experience with dream work and dream interpretation and group work. This is a practical site - not meant for high sounding theories or great psychological experiments, just down to earth advice from what dreamdeli sees in your dreams. The change it could cause in your life is up to you. All we can do is point out the road signs "Danger, Caution, Stop, etc."